Frameless Glass Balustrades

Create an uninterrupted view, without compromising safety with our frameless glass balustrades. 12mm clear toughened safety glass is used in a variety of frameless solutions.

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Frameless Side Mount Balustrades

Balustrade with polished stainless steel adjustable side mount brackets, securing the 12mm glass to create a classic look with our new 38mm round adjustable polished stainless steel wall brackets.

Optional Extras

  • Slotted handrail in round or square profiles
  • Handrail through glass
  • All shapes and sizes, customised 


Frameless Balustrade Slotted into Floor

Slot cut into floor, securing 12mm toughened safety glass with non shrink grout and neoprene. The clean look makes this installation very popular.

Optional Extras

  • Handrail on above balustrade.



bal round mounts bal square mounts

Frameless Balustrade with Floor Mounts (Round/Square)

Balustrade with 12mm toughened safety glass with bright polished edges. Frameless with glass supported by a 50mm round solid stainless steel floor mount bracket with stainless steel cover plate. Balustrade 1000mm in height.
New square aluminium/ stainless steel floor mounts available now.




Stainless Steel and Glass Balustrade

304 Grade stainless steel in polished components and handrail in a satin stainless steel, with 6mm or 8mm toughened safety glass. The typical stainless steel and glass balustrade with satin silver glass clamps, completes the classic balustrade.
All above applications can be fitted with an option of round, square and rectangular tube.

Optional Extras

  • 10 or 12mm glass 


channel slotted

Frameless Balustrade in Steel Floor Channel

The channel has an unobtrusive design for those who are seeking a modern look. Often integrated with floor finishes to conceal channel to create an appearance that the glass protrudes out of the ground.

Optional Extras

  • Handrail on above balustrade.